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Phantasy Star tarcks

I uploaded two vids of Phantasy Star music, I hope you enjoy them.

First is the title from the Phantasy Star Collection for the GBA, I think the cover art is wonderful there and the soothing remix of the first three PS titles is very nice.

Next is an arranged track from PS2 titled "Dream" which is the track from the prologue in Phantasy Star 2 for the Megadrive/Genesis. This track resembles the arranged versions from the PS4 music that was avialable in Japan.



Hope you enjoy.
Uploaded two Videogame music vids, the first from the ultra classic and one of the best Castlevanias, SC4 with all the tracks from the Maps:

And over here, the OST to one of the greatest PC puzzlers I ever played, Bejeweled 3

Double Dragon Advance Ending Theme OST

I belive DDAdvance is the greatest of the series aside DD2 for the NES. Enjoy.

Dinosaur Planet OST- Swamp Stone Circle

This is a track from the prototype that became Starfox Adventures. It was going to be called Dinosaur Planet and Krystal was to be a much younger feline than a vixen.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy OST

Uploaded this at my gaming channel. Bayou Billy had a nice track but it was HELL to play...

Dueling Forest Themes

Forest Theme from Chrono Trigger:

Forest Theme from Breath of Fire III:

Here's one of my favorite "sad themes," "A Small Departure" from Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter:

"From Russia with fun" The gameboy itself was a great portable, long lasting, and filled with hours of entertainment. Each system came packed with an addicting game called Tetris. A simple puzzle game that took hours away from near everybody who's played it. The music would definately be one of the more memorable things from it. You had 3 songs to listen to while you dropped the blocks in their places, and each one probably a different place in somebody's mind than another. This is the standard Type A music from the gameboy version.

Horrible game for a very beautiful soundtrack :(


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